Wednesday, 29 April 2009

One more thing

Oh and also... Me and Tyar both got Bs on our German speaking...
She revised for two weeks, I revised for two minutes.
I am just THAT cool :O

Love you betches...
Whoever reads this? <3

Claire is bored. RAWR.

YouTube Quiz

Username: RabidPresto

Why did you pick it?: Long story involving numerous nicknames and emails.

Who did you first subscribe to?: JulyChuck

Who did you most recently subscribe to?: anythingsarcastic... Idk why, she seemed fun.

What does your last text message say?: I have no idea.

Do you have any goals?: Nope. Maybe pass my exams to get a decent job?

What was the last thing you bought?: I honestly don't know.

Describe the person who posted this using one line?: I don't know him (:


Do you have a crush?: Do celebrities - YouTube and mainstream - count?

Have you ever been drunk?: Thankfully no

Who was the first Youtuber you met in real life?: None :(:( I'd love to go to a gathering.

Who was the last Youtuber you met in real life?: *cough*

Do you pefer day or night?: i'm a night owl

Are you a member of any collab channels?: I will be soon (:

Do you have a secret account?: My old one... Ickleblondeemav. Fail.

Do you believe in God?: Why the hell not?

Which youtuber do you talk to the most?: I don't really, unless my RL friends count

Which Youtuber do you think makes the best videos?: AARRRR! Read the post about YouTube we made ages ago - I list them there. Also I want to add AmazingPhil and meekakitty.

You may only subscrie to 5 channels and only watch their videos. who will they be?: DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE JUST 5!!!

Are you in a relationship?: Nein!

Would you date a smoker?: Um... if I really really liked them?

Where is your favourite place?: Hogwarts (:

Are you a happy person?: I try to be

Would you kiss the person who posted this?: ... I Don't know theeemmmmm. BUT SUR WHAI NAWT LAWL?

What would you take to the desert island?: Your mum.

Do you prefer sun or snow?: Snowwy snow!

Who did you last speak to on the phone? Mmmmy Aunty Barbara I think

Who did you last text?: NO freakin clue.

What are you doing tommorow?: I HAVE THE DAY OFF ^_^'' Therefore... nothing.

What is your favourite flavour of potato chips?: Nomnomnom

What size are your feet?: 6 and a half

What do you want?: A mac (:

What do you need?: A LIFE!

What do you remember?: Idk if I remember this or if it was in a video, but when I used to chase my cat around the garden at my old house (:

What do you wish?: I wish I wish I was a fish. ):


Sunday, 26 April 2009

Mocks need to DIAF.

(that means die in a fire ;] )
T-yar here


Stress, yanno?
Can't concentrate on revision but can't wing them either.
I haz many German questions to learn and it's a given that I'll fail Maths 'cause well... it's Maths.

I'm going to...

Gosh, I'm so whiny in this post. >.<

In other news, I'm reading an AWESOME series called Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. READ IT.
Dimitri is well sexy. ;]

Btw, C-bah wants me to tell you to stalk these people x'D

Friday, 24 April 2009

C-Bah here (:

Tyar's not online... so I can't really make the blog we were planning on doing without her. I'll just do my own little version aha (:
So, we had English mock exams today. Fail. Seriously, here's something we wrote on Twitter:
CBahPresto Ew ew omg. I have failed my english exams, I know it
TiyyaRAWR @CBahPresto same manz =D DNW moar exams:(
Yeaahhhh :(
I'd tell you what I wrote for the describe section but it would probably make you cry... or scream... or laugh... :( We have study leave next week. Lots of 'fun' exams'. Yay. I'm pretty confident about the Graphics exam, but German? No. EPIC FAIL!

On a very different note, I want to start vlogging. Just because I'm cool like that :P I've tried recording myself today but I either sound bad, look bad, or the content is terrible. Therefore I fail (:
But I'm gonna keep trying!

I was going to put pictures of some people up... but when I was looking for him on the interwebs... I got a vrius. Yeah. Great. Excellent. -_-
The things I go through to post a seckseh blog! Honestly... (:
But yeah. This is why it's better for Tyar to send me pics.
Peace out betches <3

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Top 5 Book Series - Cause Books are FUN!

  1. Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling
  2. Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray
  3. Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
  4. Maximum Ride by James Patterson
  5. Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison


  1. It's Harry. Freakin. Potter.
  2. EPIC plot. AWESOME Characters... Especially K-Tizzle <3
  3. Jace. Awesome fantasy-ness. Jace. Awesome plot. Jace. <3
  4. Fang/Max! The best part of the books. (Fang also = <3)
  5. IT'S FUNNEH! Georgia's traumatising life = <3... as does Dave the Laugh

(LOL We're so superficial)

(The pictures shown are of the latest/last books in the series)

10 Things that Piss us Off

  3. Fake Betches
  4. Harry/Hermione
  5. Ur Mum.
  6. Slow internet -_-
  7. Really good books with crap endings
  8. Stephenie Meyer
  9. Youtube crazies (Eg; nuttymadam3575 MRirian)
  10. People who use Bebo... Chavs/Emos/Scenes... STERYOTYPES... and HYPOCRITES!