Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Awesome-Bringers of YouTube

We spend a ridiculous amount of time on Youtube so naturally, we have some favourite people on there. Here are our Top 10, check them out!

This is Lex. She's vair funny and rather a good singer =D

Sam writes frickin awesome and creative songs. He's uber-cool =D

The SMA crew are amazing. They bring the lulz very muchly - to Sailor Moon fans and haters alike ;D

What the Buck? :D

Sonia makes realllyyy good videos with sehr gut song choices so we can overlook her Twilight obsession ^_^
Unfortunately she has embedding disabled, so here's a link instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW91dyf3e7o

You may recognise her from iCarly. She' an amazing singer and a funny vlogger ;)

Me (Tyar) and C-bah LOVE Demi. She's one of few Disney stars who actually have you know, talent. Plus she's not a skank like... others... *coughmileycough*

Nat is one of our favourite people ever =D She's totally hilarious and her vids are always relatable. Porno music/comment time FTW

Charlie is awesome. And cute. He makes English people look better ahaa x'D

She's funny and an excellent singer (We have a lot of those...). Her celeb spoofs are epic :)

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