Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Claire is bored. RAWR.

YouTube Quiz

Username: RabidPresto

Why did you pick it?: Long story involving numerous nicknames and emails.

Who did you first subscribe to?: JulyChuck

Who did you most recently subscribe to?: anythingsarcastic... Idk why, she seemed fun.

What does your last text message say?: I have no idea.

Do you have any goals?: Nope. Maybe pass my exams to get a decent job?

What was the last thing you bought?: I honestly don't know.

Describe the person who posted this using one line?: I don't know him (:


Do you have a crush?: Do celebrities - YouTube and mainstream - count?

Have you ever been drunk?: Thankfully no

Who was the first Youtuber you met in real life?: None :(:( I'd love to go to a gathering.

Who was the last Youtuber you met in real life?: *cough*

Do you pefer day or night?: i'm a night owl

Are you a member of any collab channels?: I will be soon (:

Do you have a secret account?: My old one... Ickleblondeemav. Fail.

Do you believe in God?: Why the hell not?

Which youtuber do you talk to the most?: I don't really, unless my RL friends count

Which Youtuber do you think makes the best videos?: AARRRR! Read the post about YouTube we made ages ago - I list them there. Also I want to add AmazingPhil and meekakitty.

You may only subscrie to 5 channels and only watch their videos. who will they be?: DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE JUST 5!!!

Are you in a relationship?: Nein!

Would you date a smoker?: Um... if I really really liked them?

Where is your favourite place?: Hogwarts (:

Are you a happy person?: I try to be

Would you kiss the person who posted this?: ... I Don't know theeemmmmm. BUT SUR WHAI NAWT LAWL?

What would you take to the desert island?: Your mum.

Do you prefer sun or snow?: Snowwy snow!

Who did you last speak to on the phone? Mmmmy Aunty Barbara I think

Who did you last text?: NO freakin clue.

What are you doing tommorow?: I HAVE THE DAY OFF ^_^'' Therefore... nothing.

What is your favourite flavour of potato chips?: Nomnomnom

What size are your feet?: 6 and a half

What do you want?: A mac (:

What do you need?: A LIFE!

What do you remember?: Idk if I remember this or if it was in a video, but when I used to chase my cat around the garden at my old house (:

What do you wish?: I wish I wish I was a fish. ):


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