Friday, 24 April 2009

C-Bah here (:

Tyar's not online... so I can't really make the blog we were planning on doing without her. I'll just do my own little version aha (:
So, we had English mock exams today. Fail. Seriously, here's something we wrote on Twitter:
CBahPresto Ew ew omg. I have failed my english exams, I know it
TiyyaRAWR @CBahPresto same manz =D DNW moar exams:(
Yeaahhhh :(
I'd tell you what I wrote for the describe section but it would probably make you cry... or scream... or laugh... :( We have study leave next week. Lots of 'fun' exams'. Yay. I'm pretty confident about the Graphics exam, but German? No. EPIC FAIL!

On a very different note, I want to start vlogging. Just because I'm cool like that :P I've tried recording myself today but I either sound bad, look bad, or the content is terrible. Therefore I fail (:
But I'm gonna keep trying!

I was going to put pictures of some people up... but when I was looking for him on the interwebs... I got a vrius. Yeah. Great. Excellent. -_-
The things I go through to post a seckseh blog! Honestly... (:
But yeah. This is why it's better for Tyar to send me pics.
Peace out betches <3

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  1. Don't worry, I'll fail worse then you. I'll fail soo bad that it will make your fail feel like you've conquered the world compared to my fail. ...If ya get me...:S? You won't fail anyway so all of this - this right here - will be a waste of my time when I really should of been revising for the maths and history test I've got tomorrow. You think about that...

    Anyways I feel like a complete spaz for rambling on about nothing so ...Byee xx

    Oh, its Amyy by the way XD